The Coat of Arms

           Herein the History and spirit of the order of Our Lady of Mount                            Carmel are symbolically expressed.


           The Mountain denotes Mount Carmel, where the Order came into being.  
Mount Carmel is a symbol of prayer and intimate communion with God.  It was to the caves and solitudes of Mount Carmel in Palestine that the prophet Elias and the ancient hermits of the order retired to commune with the living God.

            The lowest star, in silver, represents the Blessed Virgin Mary, the star of the sea.  Thetwo upper stars, in gold, represent our Fathers Elias and Eliseus.  These stars point to the Marian Character of the order and to its Elian desert.  The Six pointed star, the star of David formed by two triangles superimposed, became the symbol of the Hebrew people and appears on the national flag of Israel today.

             The cross on the summit of the mountain was added in the sixteenth century is the distinctive sign of the Discalced Carmelites, who also adopted for their crest, on memory of the prophet Elias, The arm with the flaming sword signifies the zeal of the prophet Elias exemplified in St.Teresa, particularly.  When her heart was pierced by a Seraph.  The broadened or opened ends of the cross indicate that Carmel embraces the whole world with prayer and works of penance.

              The Crown represents Our Lady, mother, queen and beauty of Carmel.  The twelve stars above the crown represent the twelve attributes of the Virgin Mary, whom, St.John saw in the Apocalypse under the figure of a woman clothed with the sun and crowned with twelve stars.